Words Design

Words Design

Words Design is an effective writing service. It is about choosing and arranging words in a way that make them come alive.

The aim is to capture and keep the attention of your readers. It is usually the pictures and layout of your website, proposal, pamphlet, etc. that grab the attention of the readers, but it is the words and sentences that have to "speak" to them.

If you follow a few simple guidelines, you can make your words have a much greater impact. Use headings and sub-headings; keep your sentences and paragraphs short. Try to write mostly in the active voice. Try to keep things simple - be concise and to the point, and avoid "wordiness".

Liberta Design offers the Words Design service mostly for if you need help to write (or re-write) the content of your website.

To inquire about costs and availability, or to get more information about this service, please contact Francois Viljoen (you will find his details on the contact page).